Sunday, May 10, 2009

One should not think that Brahmacharya is to be observed only by the pious; it is equally efficacious to those who do not care for religion, who do not believe in God or transmigration of the soul or in the Vedas. Because 'the six treasures', as they are called, viz. the control of the senses and the mind, forbearance, abstinence, faith, and mental concentration--all of which are included within Brahmacharya--are of the highest value to those who want their own good and that of their country, be they materialists or unbelievers in salvation or in the hereafter. Those among the materialists who are good and great have a very high regard for these 'six treasures'. Those who do not possess one or other of these six treasures, can never achieve anything really great. These are indeed six treasures.

What do they care for in the world--those, who have control over their passions and their mind? He is really poor, a beggar, who does not possess these six merits even though he be a mighty emperor. A moneyed or propertied man passes his days in fear or anxious thoughts, but the possessor of these six virtues is greater than monarchs, is even worshipped by the gods. He is filled with bliss and contentment to overflowing. Out of the fullness of these 'six', earned by him, he can freely give to others. What can give more joy than this? In times of danger the rich flee for their lives leaving their friends and relatives to their fate, whereas those who are rich in these six superior merits pass their days without the least trace of fear--nay, they encourage and help others. Those who possess Brahmacharya are real lovers of their country. Blessed indeed are they.

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